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Offering goods like Designer Tray, Furniture, Stylish Curtain etc., of exceptional quality at reasonable rates.

About Our Company

AMADEO EMPRESA, has been founded by a professionally qualified and experienced hospitality industry professional woman entrepreneur, who has a dream and vision of improving the way Indian corporates, industries, educational institutions look today.

Coupled with the drive to give a fresh look to the Industry, Corporates and Educational Institutions, by providing smart, comfortable and conducive-to-work-uniforms the promoter of AMADEO EMPRESA, has a passion,of developing lifestyle products. This passion, to create novelty items by using paper, leather, leatherette, canvas and fabric also finds its root in the 30-odd years of experience of working in the hotel industry and dealing with life style products which are used in giving a face-lift to offices, show-rooms, and houses.

AMADEO EMPRESA has a range of artistic and practical lifestyle products, crafted by innovation and excellence, shaped by passion and creativity, and executed as per the requirement of the clients.
We have a hard- core team of professionals who have credentials in this field. We believe that fostering creativity and industry engagement are the keys to success and growth. We collaborate with a practical approach to create products in accordance with market requirements and the latest trends in fashion.

We have in-depth understanding of the production process and strong aesthetic sensibilities to offer quality Leather Wine Box, Leather Wine Bottle Carrier, Leather Wine Case.

We are engaged in designing, manufacture and sales of quality life-style products. It is an upcoming and promising brand for the crafting of iconic leather, leatherette, canvas, paper and fabric goods.

Our range includes leather tiles for wall and floor cladding, furniture and fixtures; trunks; leather and paper book-binding, desk-top accessories and other products accessories for home d├ęcor and corporate needs.

We work closely with architects, interior designers, corporate houses and the hotel industry where we will collaborate to meet the specific requirement by providing them customized products.